[su_heading] B.tech Programmes offered through VITEEE 2014[/su_heading]


B.Tech. Programmes offered at Vellore Campus


  1. Bioinformatics

  2. Bio-Medical Engineering

  3. Biotechnology

  4. Civil Engineering

  5. Computer Science and Engineering

  6. Electronics and Communication Engineering

  7. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  8. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

  9. Information Technology

  10. Mechanical Engineering

  11. Mechanical ( Spec. in Automotive Engineering )

  12. Mechanical ( Spec. in Chemical Process Engg. )

  13. Mechanical ( Spec. in Energy Engineering )


B. Tech. Programmes offered at Chennai Campus


  1. Civil Engineering

  2. Computer Science and Engineering

  3. Electronics and Communication Engineering

  4. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  5. Mechanical Engineering





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B.tech Programmes offered through VITEEE 2014
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