There are  45 different engineering branches in India. Every new concept/invention brings a whole new syllabus. Choosing your career is definitely a mind twisting process. One has to look ahead and think deeply. It requires introspection. Given below is the List of all engineering branches. These courses have been approved by Indian Government. All of these courses have wide future opportunities.

When you are deciding for your future and choosing an engineering course, you must look for upside and downside  your course. Most students go by the job prospects of the field while making this decision, interest and aptitude could get ignored in the process. Besides the most popular branches like Mechanical, Computer, Electrical and Civil, there are numerous other engineering branches. The truth  is, every branch has good scope and opportunities if you perform well in it.

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Search yourself, are you interested in automobiles or are you interested in computers. If you think you can perform better in computers then you should choose computer science engineering. But let me kill your excitement, you must have to give your best throughout your course duration because there is tough competition in computer and IT industry. Industry doesn’t need failures. Choose wisely, talk to your parents and as always best of luck from our side.


List of all engineering branches

  1. Automobile Engineering
  2. Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  3. Agricultural Engineering
  4. Aeronautical Engineering
  5. Bio Technology
  6. Biochemical Engineering
  7. Civil Engineering
  8. Chemical and Alcohol Technology
  9. Computer Science Engineering
  10. Chemical Engineering
  11. Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
  12. Electronics & Telecomm Engineering
  13. Electronics Engineering
  14. Electronics Instrumentation & Control
  15. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  16. Electrical Engineering
  17. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  18. Environmental Engineering
  19. Industrial Production Engineering
  20. Instrumentation & Control
  21. Food Technology
  22. Industrial Engineering
  23. Instrumentation Engineering
  24. Information Technology
  25. Leather Technology
  26. Marine Engineering
  27. Material Science
  28. Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
  29. Mechanical Engineering
  30. Man Made Fibre Technology
  31. Manufacturing Technology
  32. Oil Technology
  33. Metallurgical Engineering
  34. Production Engineering
  35. Plastic Technology
  36. Textile Engineering
  37. Textile Technology
  38. Production & Industrial Engineering

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List of all engineering branches
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