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Note: NATA 2014 will commence from 1 March 2014. Details for NATA 2014 will be available on this website by 15 February 2014.



Approach the Test centre located at centres / schools and college / school of Architecture at a location convenient to the candidate with the filled up form and the documents listed below.


1.1  Documents required for Registration


Std. X or equivalent exam mark list – attested copy

One recent passport size colour photograph, to be pasted on the registration form.

Any  valid  document  of  identification  bearing  photograph  and  signature  of  the candidate – attested copy

Valid email address. If you don’t have one click here to sign up


1.2  The Appointment voucher


On successful registration and granting of appointment, an Appointment voucher is issued to the candidate by the Test centre.The candidate at the time of Registration shall ensure that correct data is entered by    the Test Centre employee. The candidate should check it carefully to make sure the Name, identifying information and address are correct and are spelt correctly before going to step 2 of registration and also on receiving the appointment voucher.


Once registered, no corrections are possible. Candidate will have to purchase fresh registration form and get registered again.


  1. The Appointment voucher also shows Candidate ID, Appointment Number and Exam   Key. The Appointment Number and Exam Key are used by the candidate to log in at the time of the test.

  2. There are two counterfoils on the appointment voucher. The applicant has to sign the counterfoil in presence of the Hall supervisor at the time of the test, and hand over the same to him / her.

  3. Please do not sign the counterfoil in advance. Sign the counterfoil only when the   hall supervisor asks you to. If the hall supervisor finds the counterfoil already signed, he / she may disallow the candidate to proceed with the test and his / her candidature will get forfeited.

1.3   Important Things to Remember When Registering

Register well in advance. During the peak admission season, Test Centres fill up quickly.

Take the test as soon as possible to ensure that the candidate’s score card / Mark list will be ready in time to be submitted at the time of applying for admission.



NATA can be given as many number of times as desired by the candidate. For every attempt, however, a new form will have to be purchased from the designated branches of the ICICI Bank Ltd. The mark list will show the average of marks scored by the candidate in his last attempt and his previous valid score.

  • Do not register for repeat attempt unless you receive score card for previous attempt.

  • Candidate, while seeking the repeat test appointment must inform the test centre of the previous attempts and present copy of previous Appointment voucher/ Score card.



In case of loss of appointment voucher, a candidate can request for a duplicate voucher by making an application to The Registrar, Council of Architecture, with all supporting documents along with a payment of Rs. 500/- by demand draft, in the name of “Council of Architecture”, payable at New Delhi.




  1. A government-issued identification document that has not expired (including but not limited to passport, permanent driver’s license, state ID cards, national identification, UID card) in original.

  2. Std XII exam admit card with photo and signature (in original) for candidates awaiting 10+2 or equivalent exam results

  3.  Student ID card from the institute where he / she is currently enrolled  AND Confirmation of identity letter from the candidate’s educational institution (in original).



5.2   Unacceptable Identification Documents


  1. Any expired ID

  2. Credit card of any kind

  3. Learner’s driving license or any temporary identification document.

  4. Notary-prepared letter or document

  5. Employee identification card

  6. Photocopies (Attested / unattested) of the acceptable identification documents




  1. Official identification document mentioned on the appointment voucher

  2. The appointment voucher

  3. Three or four sharpened soft-lead (2B & HB) pencils and a good eraser (Pencils and erasers will not be supplied at the Test Centre). Mechanical pencils are not permitted.

  4.  Set of colours (Water/ Poster colours, crayons, pastels) with appropriate instruments (Brushes, dish, etc.).

  5.  Geometry instrument box

  6.  Blue ink pen / Blue ink ball point pen

NATA includes an optional 10-minute break after the Drawing section. This break  time cannot be exceeded.





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NATA 2014 Application and registration
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